Pro (Pan)sexuality

From March 1, 2014 this blog is a cooperative project of a bicurious brother Danny and pansexual sister Sanny. Before that date it is a collection of Sanny alone.

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Frederick Goodall (1822-1904)   The dreams

"What if, however, humans exceed animals in their capacity for violence precisely because they speak? As Hegel was already well aware, there is something violent in the very symbolisation of a thing, which equals its mortification. This violence operates at multiple levels. Language simplifies the designated thing, reducing it to a single feature. It dismembers the thing, destroying its organic unity, treating its parts and properties as autonomous. It inserts the thing into a field of meaning which is ultimately external to it. When we name gold “gold,” we violently extract a metal from its natural texture, investing into it our dreams of wealth, power, spiritual purity, and so on, which have nothing whatsoever to do with the immediate reality of gold."

- Slavoj Žižek, Violence (via heteroglossia)